Our Approach

Banyan Ventures invests in and grows early-stage companies into valuable and sustainable businesses. However, providing the growth capital needed to build our enterprises is just one ingredient in our formula for successful business development.

Banyan Approach

On the other end of the spectrum, Banyan also partners with late-stage companies to assist with business transitions, like retirement and buyouts.

Bringing Capital and Support to Businesses in the Intermountain West

  • Growth Investments

  • Equity capital infusion
  • Partnership with entrepreneur
  • Minority or majority
  • Business Transitions

  • Transition plan for retirement
  • Generational buyout
  • Whole acquisition
  • Majority ownership
  • Management of financial assets
  • Investment Criteria

  • Company size: Flexible, typically $3M–$30M in annual revenue
  • Investment size: Flexible, typically $1M–$6M
  • Investment timeframe: Flexible, typically 3–7 years
  • Target industries: Manufacturing, business services, construction, and other industrial sectors

Wondering if Banyan is the right investment partner for you?

The Banyan team has more than 50 years of collective financial experience to draw upon to help businesses come up with solutions to their toughest financial problems. With an eye for efficiency and experience to rely on, we provide pragmatic advice and valuable resources for growing companies.

Our in-house team of financial advisors allows us the flexibility to assist our companies without compromise and ensures our companies receive the most practical and advantageous financial counsel.

Banyan has assisted with various exits by implementing creative solutions. We may enter in a minority role and move to majority ownership if the owner desires to exit. We also have participated in general buyouts and whole acquisitions, depending on the needs of the company.

We help owners in their transition plans for retirement and other exits by providing assistance with and management of financial assets. We are able to facilitate these transitions efficiently largely because we have an internal financial team.

Growth capital is not only meant to increase your company’s valuation, but kickstart the expansion process. With capital provided by Banyan, our companies have increased holdings geographically, introduced new products, and optimized their offerings.

Whether a company needs capital to meet growing customer demands, to broaden product or service offerings, or to expand its geographic footprint, growth capital is often the best way to increase a company’s bottom line.

At Banyan, we believe in working on the business while owners work in the business. That means while owners are focusing their expertise, we assist with back-office needs, such as accounting, high-level growth strategy, and operations.

Our vast experience in the various industries we service has given us expertise in optimizing operations. Our team has experience generating recurring income, increasing value, and expanding market reach for our partners. We help small businesses strategically increase day-to-day efficiency by implementing streamlined processes. Experienced board members weigh in on problems our companies face and provide meaningful solutions.

When considering a business transition, we help owners clearly define goals and strategically determine objectives and timelines. We develop tailored transition plans for owners and act as advisors to help them through the process. We offer help with financial affairs and inform owners of their various options. Our depth of experience gives us the creativity necessary to facilitate these types of deals in the owner’s favor.